Voucher Pet Photo Shoot
Are you looking for a gift for a friend or for yourself and desire expressive pictures of your dog, horse or another pet? The perfect gift for every occasion is a voucher for an exclusive photo shoot with individual pictures of your pet – memorable portraits as well as impressive motion studies.
A photo shoot with an animal is always as individual as the animal itself. Should the offers not live up to your ideas, please inform me about your wishes and we can adapt and extend the shoot to your desire.

The following variations of vouchers have proven well in the past:
Voucher package 1 Voucher package 2 Voucher package 3
99,- Euro 149,- Euro 199,- Euro
About 1-2 hours About 3-4 hours About 3-4 hours
Image editing Image editing Image editing
1 gloss printing 30x20cm 1 canvas print 30x20cm 1 canvas print 60x40cm
4 pictures 13x18cm 1 gloss printing 30x20cm 4 gloss printing 30x20cm
CD with 20 pictures CD with 30 pictures CD with 30 pictures
All pictures without watermarks All pictures without watermarks All pictures without watermarks

travel expenses = The stated prices apply to distances of up to 100 km.
For distances above 100 km the price increases by previously agreed upon lump-sum fee.
Image editing = corrections on contrast, colour, sharpness, format setting and, if necessary, removal of disruptive elements.
Of course, individual wishes will be taken into account.
The prices and service descriptions are valid from 1st of February 2017. Prices include value added tax.


The animal sets the pace. There is no time pressure! The times listed above are merely guides. There will not be any additional costs due to a longer lasting shoot. For the shooting we will only do what you and your animal are comfortable with. The participation in a shoot as well as arrival and departure are at one’s own risk. No liability will be taken for possible damages and accidents. We expect an existing liability insurance for the animal(s) on part of the owner.

If you still have questions or like to order a Gift Voucher, I would be pleased to hear from you. Please, contact me via:
e-mail: info(@)photographicdelight.com.
is no online shop, retail store or photo studio. Location and dates by arrangement – also on weekends.

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