Use of pictures under RM-License
A right of use of all pictures offered on our website can only be acquired under Rights-Managed-License (RM-License).

Definition Rights-Managed-License:
For pictures purchased under RM-License the buyer is given the right for a on-time use of these pictures within a limited frame of time, space and content in a defined medium. Number of copies, distribution and size are specified. Only the buyer of a right of use is allowed to use the pictures agreed upon. It is not allowed to pass the right of use to a third party. By purchase of the one-time right of use the buyer is permitted to use the pictures as agreed upon.
Rights of use can also be bought by other buyers. Exclusive rights of use or holding periods can be agreed upon. They prevent others from legally using specified pictures at the same time.
Exclusive rights guarantee the sole use to the buyer. They can be given for a limited time also.
Holding periods define a period of time in which pictures will not be offered to other buyers.
On request you will receive a price offer determined by type of use, scope of use and distribution.

Please send your requests to

N O T I C E : A Royalty-Free-License (RF-License) is not offered for any of the pictures on this website.

Definition Royalty-Free-License:
Picture offered under RF-License are specifically produced for commercial use as single images or in series. They can be bought as single pictures or in collection of pictures in different file sizes at prices which depend on file size.
There is a variety of agencies that specialize in the sale of pictures under RF-License (eg. Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, etc.).
is no online shop, retail store or photo studio. Location and dates by arrangement – also on weekends.

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